This is the first vineyard we established in 1996. Before we planted our vines on this beautiful block it was a successful almond grove. We treasure the terra rossa soil on this vineyard. The rich alluvial soil, is red and black in colour and provides our vines with excellent drainage, below is limestone running 3 to 4 metres underground allowing the roots to take moisture from the rock as needed. This 16 hectare vineyard produces premium fruit and the characteristics of the wines are a true reflection of the rich fertile soil. Lynne Shirvington's sister created the name of our first vineyard because of its red soil and prolific Mediterranean winds. 

Redwind Vineyard sits snugly at an elevation of 50 metres, 4km from the sea. It enjoys (like us) a Mediterranean climate with maritime influences - warm summers and moderate, rain-dominant winters. The vineyard runs East-West and produces Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Mataro and Fiano grapes. 


Paul and Lynne Shirvington moved to a 36 hectare property, in McLaren Flat, in 1998. It was a Santa Gertrudis stud farm owned by a local vet. They called the property Kurrawyba, after Paul's grandparent's house in Sydney. It is an aboriginal word meaning view of the sea from a hill. The property did indeed have a beautiful view of the Gulf of St Vincent. 5 hectares of Shiraz, Cabernet Franc and Verdelho vines were planted and the fruit went to other winemakers. They sold in 2010 to the Lloyds of Coriole and moved to Middleton SA. 


We purchased our third property in McLaren Vale in 2002, just 12km from Redwind. It was home to the famous Iris Garden in McLaren Vale and was also a horse agistment property. Now it is home to the winery and Cellar Door. Running North-South are 10 hectares of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Grenache grapes. The majority of the vineyard is a sandy loam soil type with some black cracking clay on the western side of the vineyard where our Grenache is planted. 40 - 50 metres from the southern end of the vineyard, is silty loam. This mixture of soils gives our fruit variation of flavour and tannin characteristics. 

Manjalda Vineyard, named after a property owned by Lynne Shirvington's parents, is nestled at an elevation of 75 metres, 10km from the sea. It thrives in the Mediterranean climate. Low humidity and high evaporation means irrigation is required but the cooling gully winds work their magic most summer nights. 

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