Viticulturist - Peter Bolte

Our wines are only as good as our grapes. We are fortunate to have viticulturist, Peter Bolte, taking care of them. Peter has been involved in the wine industry since 1977 and his family have been farming in the McLaren Vale district since 1840. His care and expertise have provided us with consistent, high-quality fruit since our first crop in 1999.

"My journey in viticulture began as a 15-year-old just prior to the vintage of 1977.
Since then, I have worked fulltime in the wine industry, and have just notched up my 44th vintage.
I began working with the Shirvington family in 1996 while working at Fox Creek, helping develop the Redwind Vineyard in 1996, soon followed by the development of the Kurrawyba Vineyard in 1998 and Manjalda Vineyard in 2002.
I was extremely fortunate in becoming the Shirvington vineyard manager in late 1998 and have thoroughly enjoyed the challenges of trying to achieve the highest possible quality fruit for the Shirvingtons since.  It has been a great pleasure working with Paul and Lynne, and since 2000, Mark and Carla.  Mark and I share a passion for producing great fruit, and subsequently, enjoying the fantastic wine made by winemakers extraordinaire Sparky Marquis, and since 2004, Kim Jackson.
We have endured many fulfilling moments, along with many challenges over the past nearly 25 years.  However, our dedication and the passion continues unabated, with Mark, Kim and myself now enjoying the opportunity of working with and mentoring the third generation of the Shirvington family, Emma-Lee and Jake.
Together, we will strive to continue the tradition of producing great fruit and wine for many years to come!"